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11 Sections§

11.1 Header Level 2§

11.1.1 Header Level 3§ Header Level 4§ Header Level 5§ Header Level 6§

Only levels down to <h6> are typically supported.

11.2 Header Level 2§


11.2.1 Header Level 3§

Text. Header Level 4§

Text. Header Level 5§

Text. Header Level 6§


11.3 Rubric§

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Title of the Rubric

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Some text.

Rubric in admonition

Some text.


Some text.

Rubric in topic

Some text.

11.4 Table of Contents§

11.5 Local Table of Contents§

11.5.1 Subsection One§ Subsubsection§

11.5.2 Subsection Two§

11.6 Nested toctree§

12 Another Top-Level Section§

It is uncommon – and a bit weird – to have multiple top-level sections in the same source file.

12.1 Subsection§

Another nested document: