7.1 Block Quotes#


A block quote may end with an attribution: a text block beginning with --, ---, or a true em-dash, flush left within the block quote. If the attribution consists of multiple lines, the left edges of the second and subsequent lines must align.

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Multiple block quotes may occur consecutively if terminated with attributions:

Unindented paragraph.

    Block quote 1.

    --Attribution 1

    Block quote 2.

Empty comments may be used to explicitly terminate preceding constructs that would otherwise consume a block quote:

* List item.


    Block quote 3.

Empty comments may also be used to separate block quotes:

    Block quote 4.


    Block quote 5.

Blank lines are required before and after a block quote, but these blank lines are not included as part of the block quote.

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Block quote in an admonition.

  1. List item


    block quote

definition term


block quote

7.2 Epigraphs#


An epigraph is an apposite (suitable, apt, or pertinent) short inscription, often a quotation or poem, at the beginning of a document or section.

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7.3 Highlights#


  • summarize the main points of a document or section

  • often consisting of a list

7.4 Pull-Quotes#


A pull-quote is a small selection of text “pulled out and quoted”, typically in a larger typeface. Pull-quotes are used to attract attention, especially in long articles.

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